Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Acceptance testing article

Here is an article on acceptance testing and its role in allowing customers to ensure that the system meets their business requirements.

A couple of useful passages:

"In fact, depending on how your other tests were performed, this final test may not always be necessary. If the customers and users participated in system tests, such as requirements testing and usability testing, they may not need to perform a formal acceptance test. However, this additional test will probably be required for the customer to give final approval for the system."

Combining user acceptance testing with other testing activities saves time and money.

"The acceptance test is the last opportunity customers have to make sure that the system is what they asked for. When this final test is complete, the team expects that the customer will formally approve the system or point out any problems that still need to be resolved. Therefore, unlike all the other tests performed so far, acceptance testing is the customers' responsibility. Of course, unless the customers are very savvy in testing techniques, they will still need the participation of the IT team."

Using specialist software testing support ensures your testing is effective and efficient. Given that this is the final test it needs to be effective.

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