Sunday, August 27, 2006

Acceptance testing of new MMORPG

From MMORPG blog

"Developer Persistent Worlds was very pleased to announce that Carpe Diem, its newest fantasy MMORPG offering, has entered its Alpha Stage today.

Alpha Testing, otherwise known as Acceptance Testing, is wherein a new product in pre-release is tested internally before testing it with outside users. Says Persistent Worlds' Director of Technology and Operations, Phil White, "The Alpha test will allow us to ensure that all servers, support and game play changes are working properly before moving to the next stage."

The Alpha Test appears to be going well so far, and they expect to go to closed beta in about two weeks. Already being highly-anticipated, Carpe Diem already has received heaps of requests from gamers who want to take part in the game's Beta test. The positive response from the beta test survey also contributes to the optimistic outlook of the game's developer."

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