Saturday, February 24, 2007

Business Acceptance Testing

Here is a link to an article on Business Acceptance Testing (BAT) at Tech Republic.
It covers the Acceptance Test Plan and identifies the key elements as:

  • Customer responsibilities: Describe the activities the customer is responsible for and what others are responsible for. On some projects, the customer is responsible for all aspects of the test, including creating test scenarios, performing the tests, and validating the results. On other projects, the entire teams may assist in the various activities.
  • Acceptance criteria: Before you begin the acceptance test, the team should know what criteria will be used to decide whether the system is acceptable or not. Does the system have to be perfect? You better hope not. But the acceptance criteria should define how the decision will be made. The customer may accept a system with certain minor types of errors remaining. But there may be other levels of errors that will render the system unacceptable. Part of the acceptance criteria may be to revalidate some of the other system tests. For instance, the customer may want to thoroughly test security, response times, functionality, etc. even if some of these tests were done as a part of system testing.
  • Acceptance Test Workplan: Here, you define the activities associated with the acceptance test, when they will begin and end, who is responsible, and so on. In other words, you define the workplan for the test. Defining all this up front will help people understand what is expected of them, and they'll be aware of the timeframe and know when things are due. You should move all this information to the main project workplan.
Business Acceptance Testing

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