Sunday, September 16, 2007

Traffic acceptance test

From PR newswire

INRIX, the leading provider of traffic flow information in the country, and Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH(R)), a Midwest-based professional consulting services firm, today announced the system acceptance by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) for INRIX to provide real time traffic flow data for nearly 250 centerline miles of US 41, I-43, and WIS 172. This milestone makes INRIX the first company to provide operational vehicle-probe based traffic data services to a government agency.
The process of procuring privately sourced GPS and/or cellular probe-based traffic data began approximately one year ago in order for the WisDOT to assess the utility and cost-effectiveness of such alternative traffic data sources in support, or in place of, traditional ITS data collection. INRIX was able to fully meet the strict project requirements regarding data quality, precision and availability which will allow the successful integration of this information within WisDOT's TOC.
"We are proud that INRIX and SEH, working closely with Wisconsin DOT and its team, have been able to verify satisfaction of the requirements set forth in the original RFP," said Rick Schuman, INRIX vice president, public sector. "It is a testimony to the commitment and quality of our team, as well as that of WisDOT and its support resources, to move from kick-off to approval in roughly six months, which included nearly two months of extensive acceptance testing. We are pleased to be the first company to provide operationally and under contract vehicle-probe based intercity traffic data services to a government agency, and the first to deliver a project of this scope within the original schedule."
Until now, these routes lacked traditional road sensors. With the INRIX Smart Dust Network, traffic information is now available by leveraging data from more than 250 public and private sources, including the world's largest network of GPS-enabled probe vehicles, and other data sources. INRIX's unique Traffic Fusion Engine uses advanced, proprietary statistical analysis to aggregate, blend and enhance traffic-related information, ensuring highly accurate road speeds and the broadest market and road coverage available. For the first time, commuters in Wisconsin will have access to INRIX real time traffic information that, in addition to WisDOT resources, is available on over 75 models of portable and automotive navigation devices, mobile phones and smartphones.
Jim Hanson, PE, PTOE, principal, transportation services for SEH, said, "Providing accurate travel information helps keep our roadways and our travelers safe, and INRIX has provided the means to achieve real time traffic data to help accomplish this goal. The acceptance test results verified our strong belief from the initial proposal phase that INRIX data would satisfy the rigorous accuracy, timeliness and reliability requirements demanded by WisDOT, even outside of urban areas."

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