Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Acceptance Testing and Agile Requirements

If you want to review a chapter of a book on agile requirements that deals with acceptance testing then you can find one just here. To give you a taste of the style here is the definition of system acceptance tests:

SATs (System Acceptance Tests) are high-level tests intended to assure the completeness of a user story. User story acceptance tests are written to assure that each increment of software is delivering value, and that the project is progressing in a way that will ultimately satisfy the needs of the business owner. Generally:

  • They are written in the language of the business domain (they are business facing tests from quadrant 2).
  • They are developed in a conversation between the developers, testers, and product owner.
  • While anyone can write tests, the product owner, as businessowner/customer proxy, is the primary owner of the tests.
  • They are black box tests in that the y only verify that the outputs of the system meet the conditions of satisfaction without concern for how the result is achieved.
  • They are carried out.
And here is a general definition of User Acceptance Testing

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