Saturday, May 31, 2008

Faster acceptance testing of base-stations

Speeding up testing is always desirable and there is an article here on faster testing of base station antennas.

As base-station antennas become more complex and the performance metrics more critical and challenging, acquiring and evaluating these parameters with minimal cost impact is essential. Furthermore, the ability to mine these test results for the opportunity to improve yields and/or performance is invaluable.

Consider the test requirements on a dual polarized, tri-band antenna. In this case, the manufacturer must demonstrate return loss on all 6 ports and the isolation performance between all ports. The result is 15 s-parameter measurements on one antenna. Additionally, the Passive Intermodulation (PIM) must also be verified for each of the 6 antenna inputs.

Using the Summitek Spartan software, the test procedure and acceptance criteria for all of these tests can be predefined by engineering and then served out to each client workstation at manufacturing cells anywhere in the world. This assures that all sites are testing the same way each and every day.

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