Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wimax testing for Wave 2

Aircom International has upgraded its WiMAX network testing software. The new version now supports WiMAX Wave 2. Wave 2 refers to the WiMAX Forum’s current round of testing mobile devices with multiple antennas, compared to Wave 1 which meant fixed devices with single antennas.
Also new in Enterprise 6.1, which is available now, are new licensing terms and automated cell planning. The software is faster than previous versions and can be adapted to upcoming LTE networks, officials said.
Other aspects of the upgraded software are speed and reporting tools. Several features work faster and are more automated than in previous versions. Developers get an application programming interfaces through the WebWizard module.
Aircom testing software including backhaul and capacity planning tools for WiMAX are used in 36 projects worldwide, the company said.

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