Saturday, March 21, 2009

The culture of acceptance

This is an extract from an article in Newswireless about changing the culture of acceptance for IT project failure.

All businesses would wish to implement strategic IT projects more quickly, economically and surely. Above all, they need to eliminate the risk either of failure or of the project taking so long that the business needs no longer match the aims of the project. There are two important trends which will help: Agile methodology and ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS).

The Agile approach to IT implementation offers companies a quicker and surer means of delivery. Agile delivers business benefits earlier and unlike Prince2 or Waterfall, allows feedback from the end users without having to wait for user acceptance testing.

Prioritised requirements can be bundled into short “Sprints” of work during which analysis, design/build and software testing are executed in rapid succession. In this way Agile provides a platform for projects to be tested frequently against business aims and for new system functionality to be demonstrated to end users along the way. This enables the business and IT provider to work closely together, with stakeholders involved throughout the project.

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