Monday, March 23, 2009

SAP User Acceptance Testing

To test SAP effectively requires the involvement of the end users of the systems, Without this, testing the synthesis of the organisations business processes and the SAP business modules (such as FI, HR, MM and PP) can become either overburdened with documentation or unrepresentative of how the SAP system will really be used.

Yet these users have two handicaps: they are very rarely trained testers and they often have a business as usual job to run while they do the testing as well. These mean they have little time to spare for testing and what time they have is not spent as effectively as they would like. A double whammy that often limits the value of acceptance testing SAP implementations.

This course on SAP acceptance testing is designed to address that very problem. It is also suitable for many of the other participants in SAP UAT such as business analysts, SAP implementors and managers of acceptance test.

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